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1055cm X 10.1.4 printing oddity

Jules Bowie


I'm on a G4 933 512mb ram running Mac OS X 10.1.4 using VW 9.5.2.

I've had this problem since I started printing with OS X, and can't nail down the cause.

I get strange cropping marks about 8" X 8" in the lower right corner of drawings I print. It only shows on Arch D or E sized paper. It seems unrelated to paper scale, so it seems like it's coming from the system.

I'm using the latest PS driver from Adobe, w/ built in printing support from the Apple OS.

Any clues?

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We have a 1055cm and are plotting with 10.1.5. I haven't seen any cropping marks on our plots. We rarely plot E size, usually we plot D with the driver set to "rotate true."

I am curious about why you have any Adobe software involved. All you need is the 1055cm PPD with 10.1.x's built in postscript driver. The HP installer (make sure you have the most current one from their site) will let you do a PPD only install. You then just need to select in the print center application when creating a new printer.

We plot over LPR from a few different machines.

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