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PDF error message



I am trying to create a PDF from a VW9.5.1 file using the Adobe distiller. It creates a file much more quickly than it did in VW8, and when I try to open it I get the message

"There was an error opening this document. File does not begin with '%PDF-'."

This is using OS9. I downloaded the latest carbon lib before installing VW9.

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This is for Mac.Make sure you have the current version of CarbonLib (1.6)Select PageSetup and choose your postscript device. If no postscript devices are visible you will first have to select Laserwriter in the Chooser and configure one if you have not already done so.Choose correct page size and confirm high resolution is selected. "OK"Under PAGE select Set Print Area and choose one page.Select Print Change Destination: to FILE.Now switch to the Vectorworks settings and select Print postscript only and Special processing for transparent bit maps.Now switch to Save as File; if you have new devices or are sending to others choose level 2/3 postscript; Choose binary; Font inclusion should be set to ALL. For our office those are the basic settings required. Now hold down the Option key and press Return to initiate the save settings dialogue box. OKUse the resulting file with distiller to create your PDF file.

Try that and see how it works.

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