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print multiple sheets

Chin Wu


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Well it looks like this is only an Architect feature. It is not included in the basic VW Foundation.

This was a new one to me. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

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First, you may want to check out Appendix B in the VectorWorks 9 manual. It covers the Worksheet Editor in detail.

Here is a breif walkthrough.

Go to File -> Workspaces -> Workspace Editor.Select "Edit the current workspace".Locate the plug-in on hte left hand columnOpen the menu in the right hand side you would like to add the command to.Drag the command from teh left side to a location in a menu on the right.Click ok

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The only objects that get printed are objects that are within the Print Area limits.

When using the Print Sheets command, it uses the same Print Area bounding box. You cannot set the bounding box for one sheet and then set it in another place for another sheet when using the Print Sheets command.

Either move the stuff in your drawing so it fits in the Print Area correctly for each sheet without moving the grey bounding box, OR don't use Print Sheets command from the File menu.

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