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I'm having a problem where the key doesn't display all the lights on a plot. The lights are 'light' instrument type, and show all relevant data as typed into the light info record. The lights also appear in all paperwork created through the generate paperwork command, and export correctly to Lightwright - but they won't appear in the key. They are new symbols, or old ones I have converted to lighting instruments from older drawings. I use 9.5.3 on a PowerBook G4 running OSX.2.3

Any ideas?

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Further to my original post, the symbols I am having trouble with also don't show up when doing a 'Find & Modify'. Even worse is the lighting positions they are drawn on also don't show up in 'Find & Modify'. Just to confuse me further, all the lights and lighting positions show up when I 'Generate Paperwork' (and still export to Lightwright). It's almost as if I'm missing a tiny bit of data that should be attached to the symbol to make it appear in the Key and in 'Find & Modify'. The 2 symbols are of a Stage Scan and a Strand SL18-30. The Stage Scan symbol is from a pre-Spotlight VW drawing that I imported and added a Light Info Record. The SL18-30 is an AutoCad symbol from the Strand website that I converted and imported into Spotlight, then added a Light Info Record.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Make sure that the "Device Type" says "Light". I have seen some documents lately that have the Device Type feild empty. These instruments will export, but will not show in Find and Modify. If this doesn't help send me(klinzey@nemetschek.net) the drawing an I will take a look at it.

The fastest to see if you have any of these problem instruments is to make a custom selection.

Select only : Field value : Decice Type : = :

or run this script:

DSelectAll; SelectObj(('Light Info Record'.'Device Type'=''));

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Thanks, that was the problem. But in another bit of weirdness I checked another symbol (Strand Cadenza 12/28) in the same drawing and although it does appear in the key, and in 'find and modify', it didn't have a device type of 'light'. Maybe this was a gremlin transferring from Mac OS9 to OS10.2 and VW9.5.3. The drawing was originally drawn using VW9.5 on MacOS9 and I was altering it for a new show using the latest software, and creating a couple of new symbols.

Anyway, I did a couple of global changes and the problem was solved.

It may be a moot point now as I'm upgrading to Spotlight 10 on Friday - but thanks for your help.

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