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I am unable to print out of VW. I have VW 9.5.3, on a Dual 1Ghz, 640mb RAM w/ 10.2.3. A Lexmark Optra E312L.

When I try to print everything seems fine. Just nothing comes out. No errors, nothing. My Data light blinks for a moment. VW spools the file extremely quick for the size of drawing. Not sure what the problem is. The page size is set to 8 1/2 x 11. The printer is selected. Not a clue.

I was able to print when I launched the app in OS 9. Just a pain and I don't have all of my fonts in 9.

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I also use 10.2.3 and have had no problems printing once I downloaded GimpPrint. I don't have your type of printer, but I have an Epson & HP printer that were not supported by OSX. GimpPrint has so many built-in drivers there is sure to be one for your printer.

One way to work out if it is your copy of VW or the OS is to save your drawing as a PDF and try to print it from Acrobat Reader. If it prints then there is a problem with VW.

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