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anyone tried microspot X-rip yet??



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Havn't tried the Microspot x rip yet but i did try "posterjet" which is the most used printshop RIP for the mac. It had a lot of features that would be good for printshops but the price ($3,000) was hard to justify. I have struggled with the hp 455 and its RIP and have found it to work slow and crash alot until i got it wired. Now it works great and no extra money spent. I was very frustrated and wanted a quick and easy solution. Why can't plotters just be like desktop printers? I looked at the 3rd party alternatives and came back to HP's rip. The other products have there own problems and weirdness. The grass is not greener on the other side it is just a different. I would suggest not looking for the magic bullet but work with what you have and call HP tech alot (it's free) until you get it dialed in. Some issues with my 455 rip that may be causing you problems are: corrupted fonts and fill patterns that cause the rip to crash. solution? do not use fill patterns use hatches, use only fonts that came with the computer or that you bought and can reinstall clean. Remember the plotter is a postscript printer andit can not handle some things that are not postscript very well.

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I have been using it for a couple weeks without a problem. It uses a USB adaptor to connect. I have a HP 455CA which was nothing but problems with the HP supplied RIP.

X-Rip currently only works on 10.1.x but they promised they would support 10.2 and network printing. With that said I would recommend it. There is no RIP program to run, it acts like a print driver should and uses the print center.

btw, If I made printers and released a printer with such crappie software the way HP did I would be too embarrassed to look myself in the mirror!

I'd love to see a class-action law suit make all these companies support hardware for more than one year!

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