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printing not possible on hp deskjet 1100c (A3 Format)



Did someone in the Tech Sector hear aboutnot being able to print from VectorWorks 9on the above mentionend printer ?

Well the printer was printing from VW8 and is printing now out of MSFT Word without any problems.

After creating a simple rectangle in a new document and printing it out , only white paperwith no print came out of the desk jet 1100c

Any suggestions ? rolleyes.gif" border="0

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If you are getting blank pages, that's usually a sign of being out of memory or resources.

I believe there is a setting in the properties of the driver that allows you to use the plotters memory or use the computers memory to print. YOu can try to switch it to use your computers memory to print.

Turning the plotter off and back on is also a wise decision any time you get blank sheets that print out.

Or you can try using an earlier version of a driver. This has been known to fix the problem in a few, rare instances.

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Originally posted by FRED JOHNSON:
Katie, one question...I am upgrading to OSX, Vectorworks 9.5 and MacPlot Graphic Pak to drive my HP 330 (non-postscript) will there be any plotting problems with this set-up under OSX?fjjRA

As far as I know, MicroSpot has not released a version of MacPlot that is native to OS 10. They should have a version that is available in the near future. They have however, released a carbonized version that will allow users running OS 9 with carbonized applications.

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