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Is it possible to save what would normally be a menu script as a tool that works with one click on the tool icon?

Let me 'splain:

I would like to create a tool palette that is essentially a visibilty strip that toggles various Layer/Class/Pref settings with one click.

I have been able to save a script as a tool, but it requires a click on the drawing to activate. Is it possible to circumvent this?, or to add a random pick in the script ?



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I've worked with both of those methods.

I'm trying to avoid a context menu item (I have quite a large context menu now)

The vectorplugins layer manager is close to what I had in mind, however it still requires a click in the drawing. There are two functions in the script that I do not understand:




Neither of those functions are in the VW12 script reference. Maybe that was a solution to this problem prior to VW12.



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There's no way to make a vectorscript behave in this way, at least not at the vectorscript level. In most drawing programs a tool is for working in the drawing window.What you are doing is more of a command.

I often make this type of script into a menu command with keyboard shortcut.

As funky as it seems, double clicking a script palette command is actually pretty close. The millisecond it takes for the second click isn't that big a deal. The script palette becomes portable thru the use of a template, and is a kind of tool palette in it's own way. I run some commands this way as well.

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Thanks ccroft,

I'm starting to realize that this may be impossible.

I got the idea while playing around with a toggle palettes and full screen script that seemed alot like the full view buttons at the bottom of the Photoshop tool palette.

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