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A Plug In Template?.


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I've been scripting for a while now. I have a collection of 40 or so plugins. I could not get on with out them.

I have just upgraded to VW12, which prompted a review of all my code. It is interesting to reflect on how I stuctured my code early on and how much more efficent my newer plug ins are.

I still feel like I am only an intermediate scripter. I read this forum often and I think I am missing some important parts to my code.

All my code is based on MM units, not global.

I am aware of the use of ISNEWCUSTOMOBJECT and GETCUSTOMOBJECTINFO, but have not used them.

I'm guessing that these are a couple of components that would reapear in many Plug-Ins, so wondering if people have a Plug-in Template.

I susspect a few out there do and hoping you will share it with us and perhaps outline what the functions do. I suspect that many people have different templates so it would be really good to see a few to compare.


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