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PIO access external symbol file.


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Befor jumping into this one my self. I'm sure someone out there has scripted this already.

Our symbol library continues to grow with items like vanity basins. It would be useful to have an external file housing the symbols.

A PIO can references the selected file and lists the symbols in a pull down menu. Eaisly allowing for changing of symbols.

The external file can then continue to be updated.

Has anyone a PIO like this already?.

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Sorry, I don't have any input on this script.

I do think it's interesting that you've pretty much described the Resource Browser as it works in 11, but with one added ability (which may well be in 12).

If the "replace" button in the OIP allowed us to browse the current favorite instead of only the open doc you'd have what you're looking for....I think...

Maybe you can elaborate on how this script would be different than Resource Browser?


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I guess it is quite similar to the resource browser.

Having used VW for 4 years now, my library is quite full. I have organised all the symbols into folders. But I do find my self wading through the symbols searching.

I can see benefit in having a PIO that references a file and lists them in a pull down menu.

One drop down menu will list the available basins. (our symbol library has over 15) Maintaining a separate folder allows for addition of items.

Then another drop down that would have plan, front elevation, side elevation.

One step further would be to reference multiple files, say one with basins, another taps, third waste traps. The single PIO can build up and draw the plumbing components. Allowing for very quick substitutes, when clients change their minds.


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