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Get Handle to closest Object

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Starting with the location of one selected CustomObject I want to get a handle to another CustomObject which is close to this object and do something with that object. Imagine to a for instance a Pipe System where I bring to objects close to each other (via underlying grid). After they are positioned this way they should interact with their neighbour (change some RecordFields).

I thought GetClosestPt() would be the right approach but when I tested the example from the function refence I didn't get any reaction when I clicked (=GetPt()) near a simple rect. Also the Debugger shows that no objhandle is identified.

1) Does anybody know how to use this function correctly?

PROCEDURE GetClosestPtExample;


obj :HANDLE;

ptX, ptY :REAL;

index :INTEGER;

containedObj :LONGINT;



GetPt(ptX, ptY);

GetClosestPt(obj, ptX, ptY, index, containedObj);

SetPenFore(obj, 65535, 0, 0);



2) If this function doesn't work. Has anybody an alternative solution for my problem?

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Try sending the parent object to the back first then select closest point. I have also been trying something similar to this but it gets tricky when both PIO's use the same code - therefore when one finds it's child object the child object becomes the parent and thus finds the original parent (confusing i know) what needs to be done in this case is somehow setting a flag on each object (like an invisible field) to say that it's been done. Please let me know if this helps, it might help my tool along.

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