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handling NURBS in groups

Steve Cox

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I've created an object in a function by adding path extrudes, then creating a group.

When I try to move the object with Move3DObj(handle,100,100,100) only one NURBS surface moves.

If I try rotate3D(90,0,0) again only one surface rotates - but not the same one!

I know that rotate3D acts on the last object created, so is a group creation treated differently?

How do I get a handle to the group? It appears the handle is to one NURBS surface only?

Any advice gratefully received



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Sorry Steve,

You're right, that's not the right routine, it's for vectors. You need to use SetRot3D. Here's some code that rotates an object around its center point and even corrects a bug in the call. You should be able to adjust the parameters to suit your needs.




procedure StandItUp;


Hnd :Handle;

X, Y, Z, Xcen, Ycen, Zcen :Real;


Hnd := FSActLayer;

Get3DCntr(Hnd, Xcen, Ycen, Zcen); { find the center point }

SetRot3D(Hnd, 90, 0, 0, Xcen, Ycen, Zcen); { absolute rotation on X-axis }

Get3DCntr(Hnd, X, Y, Z); { go find it }

Move3DObj(Hnd, Xcen-X, Ycen-Y, Zcen-Z); { move it back }



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