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Hi Tom,

Go into the Vectorscript plugin editor.

Select the command plugin you want to encrypt.

Click "Duplicate" to make a backup of your VSM.

In Windows, hold down SHIFT+CTRL+ALT when you click on the "script..." button

In Macintosh, hold down CAPS LOCK+SHIFT+OPTION+COMMAND when you click on the "script..." button.

For more info, look in the VW Help under "Vectorscript Guide"..."Script Encryption"..."Encrypting Scripts"..."Plug-ins"

Good luck,

-Rick Francken

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I must have forgot something...seems like I've succesfully done this before

Anyways, I'm trying to encrypt a existing command plug-in I wrote.(*.vsm) ..so I can pass it to some others

using the "encrypt" command takes me to a dialog box to select a text file; however, the plug-in exists as a *.VSM file and cannot be selected.

Selecting a plain text file creates a encrypted VW file...but I don't want a VW file, I want a plug-in that can be put in the plug-ins folder. I want an encrypted plug-in (*.vsm) What as I missing?

[ 08-30-2005, 12:09 PM: Message edited by: tom kyler ]

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