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Rigid Insulation Hatch


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Not a dumb question at all. Yes, you did the right thing, and the only other thing you have to do is go into the workspace editor and drag it from the list of tools to a palette so you can select it.

I don't know how the program knows it's there, but it does. ESP maybe. You might have to re-start VW after putting the new plug-in in the folder.

And thank you, Ryan, if you're still among us. Neither one looks like insulation to me, but one would be great for metal stud walls and the other will come in handy for something. Maybe monorail tracks.

And thank you, too, Mike. How did you find this old thread? I can never find any older than a year. I wonder what happened to Delmer. He answered every thread for a little while, very helpful, and then suddenly disappeared.

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I appreciate your insulation tool, its a great help! Simple and easy to use. I'm looking to use nice simple details as in the Detail magazine and one tool (liner tool) that i think would be realy handy is a tool for drawing a plywood type material ie



| | | | | | | | | | | |



something like that where the overall width is the only input.

Split 25% 50% 25% where width/height @ 50% is equal ie(Square)

Could you possibly help me with the script, as i have only a basic knowledge.

Also i think that the rep unit tool would do the trick but i can not add it to toolbars as it is invisible in the workspace editor center. Is there a reason for this, is it because we have VW fundamentals in the office?

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