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Batch print to PDF

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Has any one got a script that batch prints all the sheet layers to PDF.

Using the batch print dialog box ends up renaming each sheet as the same PDF hence replacing the last PDF.

How would you get the string of the sheet name to be the name of the PDF through the print dialog window?.

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If only NNA would Open Source a few of the Tools & Commands like 'Batch Print' ... letting users into the party. The Batch Print doesn't work for Preview , PDF or Print Spooling. It's an example of an other one of those "Almost Commands' that is often hyped by marketing but performs no real functionality. Except of course if you like more useless & confusing dialog boxes.

If NNA is going to continue on this MS path then they should just create a 'Script Wizard' that asked you what you want to do then informs you that you're missing some vital system or version upgrade component before it terminates the procedure

and recycles back to the dialog, "Would you like to use the batch Print Wizard ?"

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We set up one sheet layer called "contract set" which has all of our c-size drawings arranged on it. Fortunately for us, we never need more than 35 sheets per project. In that arrangement, we can print any or all the sheets at once - or pdf them (as long as you set up a paper size in Acrobat that exactly equals the paper size.)

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I can't say about a script, but this hurdle is wonderfully cleared by using a macro. I downloaded Workspace Macro 4.5 for windows from www.download.com for $25 and it records a batch print process perfectly. You don't even have to use a sheet name, you can call your pdf files whatever you like. Download size 1.56MB.

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I use a plugin developed by OZcad for the batch print. It has an intergrated title block and document transmittal worksheet, both very usefull.

I tried laying out as per Atari, but this lacked flexibilty to add and remove areas to be printed.

I'm on mac so the workspace Macro won't wok.

Thanks for your help.

Please add to wishlist, PDF batch printer.

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