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PIO control points parameters.


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As anyone develop PIO's with control points parameters?

I'm getting problems to set the parameters to other values than the default ones during the first plugin run... he seems that during the Run() those values are constants set to the defaults values.

I've try SetRField() inside a IsNewCustomObject() dependent statement, but the debugger shows no change on the PControlPoint01X and PControlPoint01Y values.

The PIO works find, but the first run is a disaster since the control points are not placed where they should... I need to rescue them manually and place then at they respective locations. There is no way to define a good default values (I have 4 control points): the PIO draws anywhere at any scale or any shape!


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The PControlPoint01X and PControlPOint01Y are constants, and will not change while a script is running even if you call SetRField().

If you call SetRField and then call GetRField you should see that the parameter values have changed.

If you want to set them and then later in your script use the new values to draw your objects, then you can't refer to the PControlPOint01X constants. Use a variable, assign it the constant value, and then if you call SetRField you should assign the value to that variable also.


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