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Modern Dialog Image Resources - Again!

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I?ve created a resource file with the images I want on ResEdit on the Mac and it works OK on my dialog script on the Mac, but it is not working on the PC.

I?ve tried to isolate the resource fork part of the file and I have renamed the extension .rsr for the PC. Please Help!

I?ve tried to get the resource fork from a networked PC HardDisk, and also tried emailing it and dowloanding at the PC. Tried a USB pendrive also.

None of my Macs have floppy disks anymore so I wasn?t able to do the ancient drill of saving it on a PC formated disk.

Very frustrating!

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There are a few ways to "flatten" a resource file for use on a Windows machine. There is the floppy disk trick you mentioned (and it looks like USB drive or ZIP disk would work too).

There is a shareware utility called QuickConvert that will convert a Mac resource file to a flattened file. Be aware that this utility converts the file in place, so make a copy and rename the file first.

Also, we wrote a drag-n-drop utility called "Flattener" that will be in our SDK download. I can probably get that posted separately on the website for VS developers too.

Sorry for the headache.


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