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For us novice scripters it sure would be great to have a search field in the VectorScript Function Reference.

Most of the procedures I need are usually there in the Function Reference somewhere, but until I increase my procedure vocabulary I spend a lot of time hunting down the procedure I want because I do not know the name of it.

If I could search for keywords, maybe I could find procedures more quickly.

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If you click in the left pane, where all the procedure names are listed, you can type the first few letters of the function name you want and it will take you there.

FIND string works for the list of procedure names and the currently open page.

Another way to view the data is to list the procedures by class (top left pane, second option). It shows you most of the relevant functions grouped together.



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Thanks for the input. I am not sure what OS you are on or what browser you use, but I am ona Mac, and using Safari, when I click on the left pane and try entering text, all I get is a bunch of alert sounds. And what do you mean by "FIND string works"?

I do use the "View By Class" mode quite a bit, but for example, when I was trying to find the procedure for deleting a layer, naturally I looked in the "Layers" class, but there is no "Delete Layers" Procedure there.

As there is a "DelClass" Procedure in the "Classes" class, it was not my first thought to look in the "Objects" class, where after much back and forth searching I finally realized that "DelObject" works for layers.

My point is simply that until you know the name of the procedure you are looking for, it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, the more scripts I write, the more procedure names I remember.

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I use Internet Explorer for the VSFRef, just because it defaults to it. I am also on a Mac. OK, I tried it in Netscape and typing a letter did NOT take me to a command starting with that letter. Score 1 for IE.

Yes, I agree, not all commands are logically named. And the SEE ALSO: part of the VSFRef is anemic.

Two functions you will use a lot, GetObject() and GetName(). They are opposites of each other and will get you handles or names when there seems to be no other way. They are also not referenced as much as they should be in the VSFRef.

It will take a lot of time browsing the VSFRef to get familiar with it, but the more you write, the easier it will get.

Keep a copy of every script you write in one place so you can reference working code quickly. Also, collect posted code in another folder for quick reference. Both will help you generate scripts faster.

When you know a function exists and can't seem to locate it, don't wast time reading the whole manual, post a quick question to the VSList (have you subscribed?) and you will get very fast answers from around the globe.

By FIND string, I mean the FIND command (Cmd-F). In IE, it will search the left and right windows for matches. I can't say for Safari.

HTH, and happy scripting,


VW 10.5, OSX 10.2.8 on a SLOW G4 Dual 500

(Actually, it's fast enough for me)

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I recommend BBedit... he doesn't have a specific VS function research, but the syntax coloring is extremely helpful: the functions names turn blue once spelled correctly.

The glossary is priceless, you can set all your common structures and procedures and use a single click to insert them on your code. Most of my work is done this way: get a handle on mouse click, a WHILE statement, own brew offset procedure... a single mouse selection and the debugged code is on your script.

For myself I use BBedit on one screen and Safari on the other, the glossary is normally set by class and slowly I've learn most of the functions. But as my libraries grow I recycle more and more code increasing productivity.

The winer would be a semi transparent widget... I may work on that!

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