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Runtime error occurs due to script

James Pitt

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More of an enquiry really as to whether anyone else has written a script which causes the standard Visual C++ runtime error.

"This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way".

This error only occurs in the one script I am producing and has not occured in previous revisions of the same script. Can anyone help?

James Pitt

Tested on Vectorworks 10.1 -> 10.5.1 (Windows)

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Additionally, it may be worth a mention that the script compiles ok, it even completes ok, and I can view the drawing it creates. However, once I have zoomed in and out a little, or everytime I close the drawing it produces the error. The script is over 49kb in size. Is there a limit? Is there an error log?

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I believe I have identified the cause of the problem, however I still don't understand why.

{In the case below handles have been assigned to the first stud and the last stud and also during a loop to all the inbetween studs using a dynarray. A flatstrap is placed over these in certain cases and we must show the overlap, hence intersect and clip}

referenceflatstrap := LNewObj;

FOR i := 1 TO totalstuds DO BEGIN


h := IntersectSurface(referencestud,referenceflatstrap);



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I'm having a similar problem, with a script forcing VW to crash after running it a few times and zooming or modifying the drawing in any way. Even after a single run, I know that soon or later the app will quit.

I never found a cause, but the 2000 lines of script compiles and debug flawlessly... the only message I get is the "reassign a dynarray could cause the loss of data".

At the moment I'm working on a new version with a new approach trying to overcome the problem. But I will look a the overlapping variables to see if is the cause!

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