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selfmade instrument symbols become transparent in 3d


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Things to check:

Make sure all your classes are visable.

Set view options to show/snap/modify other for both layers and classes.(This is usually the problem when things don't appear)

Edit the symbol. Select edit 3D Component.

Hit Control(apple)-A to select all.

Look at the Object info palette, it should tell you how many objects are selected.

Then Fit to objects. (the unit may be at some odd location)


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I tried to create a hybrid instrument of VL1000.

Everything went fine untill I converted the images to symbol.

The 2d part works fine, but the 3d part becomes transparent (fixture is visible in plan but not 3d). When in 3d, active symbols do have the black handles but nothing is there. Also, modifying of the 3d section of the hybrid is not possible any more: can't select a thing.

Vhere do I go wrong?

Treied several times, sometimes the 3d section is visible for a while......

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