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custom object ID

Scott H

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Hi, as a non-programmer, I've been struggling to learn vectorscript. I hate the fact that the scripts for all of the Vectorworks PIOs are locked- I often want to make minor changes to various PIOs but can't. (Note: Graphisoft keeps all of there scripts for their objects in ArchiCAD visible for all users to customize/modify).

My issue is, I've inserted all of my doors into the plan with door records attached, now I just want a door ID label PIO that will will read and display the door ID field of the Door Record that is attached to the selected door. I can easily create the script for the symbol, but I am having difficulties beyond that...

I would really love to add a bit of vectorscript to the existing door PIO object to display the door ID label...

Also,When I change a door width of the PIO door, the Door Record does not stay attached?? I wish that changes in the width of the door would update the width field of the attached Door Record. Is this possible?

What I like about ArchiCAD is that the door ID label is linked to the door object-- moving the door moves the label. Also, the schedule is interactive, changes in width and height etc, in the plan object is reflected in the schedule--and vice versa (changes in the schedule update the plan symbol). Is this possible is Vectorworks?


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I am trying to find a way to get the door and window labels to show the RO dimensions as well. Back in the old days, simple door types and sizes were able to be shown on plan, rather than having to needing a separate schedule. It would be nice if I could insert a function into the Suffix that shows the width and heights.

Other than manually entering the info ... Does anyone have any advise or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

- Thomas

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I have no experience with the door tool but as you have noticed you can't just customise the behaviour of it, or any object for that matter.

If recalculating a door removes any of your custom attached records then there is no way to continue, as this means the door tool removes any record that is not native whenever it recalculates. If that's the case, can't you add custom fields to the door record itself in the plug-in options ?

About the custom label object:

What you need to do is give each door a unique name or identifier. Your label object should have a string parameter that can store this name. This way the label knows which door it's referring to.

With that name you can get the handle to the door, and in turn to any data attached.

Resetting the label whenever the door moves might not be possible with Vectorscript, it is with the SDK.

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I'm almost positive that changing any of the parameters of a door object won't break the connection to a record format. But that doesn't solve the label problem.

I wonder if a simple script to concatenate the door height and width into the suffix field would work. You'd still have to run it after every change, but it's a start…


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