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Unfortunate changes from 10 to 11

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I've been wondering why a bunch of my scripts haven't been working since upgrade to 11. Ignored it for awhile, but dug into it today. Nemetschek changed the behavior of some functions. Ack! Here's a specific example:

h2 := ConverttoNurbs(h1, true);

If h1 was selected, then this function would result in both h1 and h2 being selected, so I could move one, group, and loft. But now it unselects h1, so move, group, and loft yield meaningless results.

Was this documented? Stinks to have to go into all scripts and find which ones are broken and find a new strategy for them, just be/c functions yield different results than before. Is there a good reason for the change? Hours of time lost.


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Here's another one. I used to be able to use NurbsSetPt3D to turn a nurbs hemisphere, for example, into an oblate sphere. Now I can confirm that the points are in fact set, but the surface no longer shows as oblate--it stays as a hemisphere.

First, this is ridiculous. It's not a way to work, especially be/c my time to fix this cannot be charged to anyone, and is just a big loss for me.

Second, I don't see an obvious solution. If I could change the points before, and that created the right shape, but now doesn't, then what the heck do I do next? Interestingly, in the OIP, the height is correct when the Show Vertices box is checked, but is incorrect when that box is not checked. It used to be correct under both circumstances. Does that give any clues? What controls the height of a modified nurbs surface?

Is there perhaps another way via scripting to change from a 40'D hemi to one 40' at the base, but only, say, 18' in height?

Edit: Found a workaround. I had to rewrite the script to create a new nurbs surface and transfer the point, weight, and knot from the old to the new, and then delete the old. Makes me wonder why the old surface wasn't right, since it held all the right info. Whom do I invoice for the three hours of lost time be/c something that used to work no longer does? (Excuse the sarcasm, it's frustrating to lose the morning over this.)

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