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coordinate info on drawing


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I would like to create a script which will allow me to click on a point, drag, and where I let go of the mouse, it would produce x and y coordinate information (of the click point) in a text field (or 2) ontop of each other i.e

x = 3245

y = 4623

Is this possible or am I asking the impossible !

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Quite possible and very easy. Use GETPTL(x1, y1, x2, y2) to retrive coordinates and to define the text location, then TEXTORIGIN(x2, y2) and CREATETEXT([coordinates converted to text with NUM2STR, separated with CHR(13)]). For clarity, convert first to string variables.

Better still, make it a PIO (with a different approach and code) and you can move it, with coordinates automatically updating.

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