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Importing & Instrument Info

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I have two questions. The first is: How do I assign information to a symbol? For example, how would I assign all of the S4 19 Degree symbols to have 750w in their Object Info?

The second question is: I can export to LW just fine, but coming back into Spotlight I get a number in the Label Legend name area and I end up having to retype the info in for the legends to read. What am I lining up wrong?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

To chage the info attached to a symbol, edit the symbol. DeSelect. Change the values in the Light Info Record. Exit the symbol. From then on when ever you insert an instrument it will use these values.

When you import from LW make sure that the fields match. There have been reports of problems with the LW automated action files that shipped with SpotLight. There is also an error in the Appendix D. I think you want to un-check Import First Record in the Spotlight when importing instrument data.

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My suggestion would be to limit what you import back into Spotlight. If you haven't changed the label legend while in LW, don't re-import it. I have found I have the most success with importing LW info when I only import the information I have changed. For example, if I export a basic plot into LW and add channel, colour, template & purpose information, then I only import these items back into Spotlight. I don't try to import dimmer fields, or marks, or legend info as I haven't changed them. Just make sure you have the Spotlight UID matched up to the External ID field in LW (which isn't an automated action in my version of LW), and use this field to re-import.

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