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editing a group during script execution


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I am writing some scripts to manage classes. one thing I would like to do is select an object on screen, test whether it is a group or symbol, and if yes, 'enter' the group/symbol in order to pick the class of a sub-object.

I know how to test whether the object is a group/symbol, but I cannot find a way to 'enter' the group or symbol.

DoMenuTextByName doesn't work for EDIT Group, so I just dunnoe.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Hi Zero,

You can use FIn3D() once you have a handle to a group or symbol.

HndInsideObj := FIn3D(Hnd2GrpObj);

Then you can navigate using HndInsideObj. It works for all container objects (i.e., Groups, Symbols, Extrudes, Meshes, etc.).

There are also calls FInGroup(), FInSymDef(), and a few others. I haven't used them all, but I think they do the same thing.



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If you only want to work on groups then use FInGroup().It eliminates the need for a test since it ignores things that aren't groups.

Also,Group will grab everything that is selected,so you have to be careful.For EG it's a lot harder to make a script that will work on more than one group at a time and return them to their correct consistency.

With FInGroup() you can write loops to process as many selected objects as you like.

F'n Group....is this an example of developer humour?

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