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First PIO Script

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I've spent a coupla hours w/ the manual and searching this site and haven't found what I'm looking for thus far. I've written a script or two before, usually by finding an existing simple one and modifying it. Trying to make my first PIO, and have no idea how to create the script. All the existing PIO's have their scripts locked, so I can't look at how they do it. The PIO I want to create is a hexagonal window marker for a window schedule...just a small hexagon with a single letter of text that can be modified in the OIP. Can someone point me to where an existing PIO script is so I can see how they are organized? Thanks.

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gMarkers from VectorDepot are a very good start point!

Just a couple of tips:

There are many kinds od PIO's, point, linear, rectangular, path... If you are going to copy and tweak an existing one, don't worry about it, but if you are going to create one from scratch you'll have to choose (I guess your hexagonal thing would be best built as a point object).

Parameter on the OI Palette can be added/edited at the plug-ins panel. The first column is the internal name, but inside the code you have to add a 'p' (i.e. 'LegSize' wil become 'pLegSize' as in 'L:=pLegSize;').

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Peter, where were you 3 hours ago?!?!?! [Roll Eyes] Never saw that sucker in there. Ah well, it became a good learning experience. I got mine done, and it turned out kinda cool. Their's automatically increments the number, while mine doesn't. Their's also requires one click. Mine uses the point object type, so it requires two clicks. Don't really wanna rotate it, but that's what the choices were. Mine puts the parameters for size, etc in the OIP, which is good for some things. Each work, and now I know how to do one more thing. Thanks y'all, for pointing the way.

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