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Revision cloud Plug-in


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Hi All

I'm new to Vscript.

using Vectorworks v9.5.2

I wish to add to the revision cloud routine so that it always draws the cloud on a specific class.

Unfortunately it appears locked.

Is there a way to unlock it for editing or is there another way of doing this?

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you can look at it like the wall styles tool in VWA.

create a Tool that in theory should only need to

1.get current active class

2.sets the active class

3.call tool ( what ever the number is for the cloud tool) .

4.resets to orginal active class

then give a simlar looking icon

and put in the palette in place of the orginal.

well in theory anyway

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makes the tool active then when the user is finished returns to your tool

toolID can be found in the VS reference

except just checked and there isn't one listed for the cloud tool.

but the idea still work if you can find a tool ID number.

sorry for the misdirection

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