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Linear object


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Gidday Team this is my first post.I have been watching for some time with interest.

In 9.5 (have 10 but to busy to make jump will do in a week)

Hope not a dumb Question.

Can you have editable parameters in a linear plugin type .Keep getting error about wrong type parameter.Have I read the language Guide correctly ,copied there exact example and got the same error. They state that this is possible.

Im sure the answer is obvious to you big brainers out there.



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Yes you can.

If your getting errors check some of the following:

Make sure the parameter fields have valid starting values

and none are left blank. Make sure the variable types

your declaring in your script match the parameter type.

Your problem is something like that.

Also to maybe help you determine the problem.





in your script.


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I would need more details in order to figure out what is wrong. What is the exact wording of the error message you get? Which example from the language guide are you referring to?


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