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Getting PIO info to Record Fields


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Each parameter on a PIO is already automatically stored as a field at a record attached to each instance of the PIO, you can find this record using:

GotPIO := GetCustomObjectInfo(objectName, objectHand, recordHand, wallHand);

{GotPIO is a boolean (true/false) variable I invented just to allow me to use the GetCustomObject function, it stores 'true' if it suceeds.}

You can see those records when you perform a Custom Selection looking for a Record/Field value, or when you create a Report.

Create your rectangle PIO or insert some NNA PIOs and have a look at the Custom Selection and Create Report commands at the Organise menu.

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Once you've got a PIO's record you can even set one of it's parameters value from inside it:

IF GotPIO THEN SetRField(objectHand, Getname(recordHand), ParameterName, Num2StrF(ParameterNewValue));

For example, if a boolean parameter PSquare is true, make it set pH to pW...

Please note that when you set a parameter from inside the PIO it's new value is only noticed at the next redraw, so I would recommend setting a second pair of intermediate variables to do the drawing.





SetRField(objectHand, Getname(recordHand), 'H' , Num2StrF(W));



Rect (0,0,W,H);

{not Rect(0,0,pW,pH)}



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When using the REPORT function my PIO records are there, but the Resourses folder of the document, nor the Data Tab (on Object Info) show this record format.... Why?.

When I use a VW PIO the Data Tab and Resourse Folder show the record format.

I can do what I need from the report functions, but as matter of interest how do I make the record formats show in the Data tab and see record in resources?.

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hello justin,

something i've done in the past is to set an external record to the object from within the pio script.

you should run a GetCustomObjectInfo at the start of your pio script:


NewField('Plug In Record','Plug In Field','Value',4,0);

SetRecord(oh,'Plug In Record');

SetRField(oh,'Plug In Record','Plug In Field',Paramater Value);

just remember that you need to convert the paramater value to a string before you assign the field to the object.

hope this helps,


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