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Chris Tebbutt

material scheduling

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I would like to automatically create schedules of materials such as total linear lengths and areas of walls. I thought I could do this simply by creating a record format with suitable fields and then using the wall tool, merrily draw walls all over the drawing, create a report which would give me the information. However to do this I have to manually enter, in the object info shape pallette, the lengths and heights of every wall from information provided in the data area. What a chore! Is there an automatic way of doing this. Perphaps there is a completely different way of doing this with VS but not being a VS person.... Many thanks in great anticipation.

Chris tebbutt

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Isn't it the wet dream of every architect, having a tool that could do all the measurements for us ? [smile]

But does VectorWorks not have incorporated spreadsheets and databases in wich you could do some of all those wishes ? [Wink]

It is not fully automatic, but I think you could save a lot of time. ( I use them from time to time )

I those spreadsheet you can put wall-length, wall-height and in other columns the right formulas which give the desired results.

The spreadsheet will give you for every part of the wall what you want, but first of all you need to give a name to every part of your wall via the info-palet.

But indeed it would be better to tell your application : " Give all the properties needed for that green wall, in layer 25, in class D45 .... and write it down in a database like FileMakerPro."

Who can make that kind of superscript ? [Roll Eyes]

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There's a bit of discussion of this in the vectorscript list. One of the suggestions:

"Use the surface area command in a worksheet to give you the total area

of a wall minus the window opening.

Divide this by 2 to give you one side.

( the calculation includes the wall edges and the opening edges. )

=SurfaceArea(((C='Wall-Ext-Fr WB')))/2"

Apparantly the problem is that wall bottoms,tops,edges and opening edges will be included in the given area.....more of an estimate.

One reply states that the framing tool in Architect does the job.

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What Walther describes is basically what I do. What a chore. As for vectorscript - I can only drive the car. I'm not really interested in looking under the bonnet. [smile] If only I could get my hands dirty.

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To get the wall area in elevation I have divided the wall's volume by it's width...

For the area in plan view I multiplied width x length (T junctions must be made to the face of the traversing wall).

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