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Dan Kessler

scale lineweights script

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Does anyone have, or know of a script that would allow me to select multiple entities in a drawing and scale their lineweight up or down by a percentage that I specify?

As an example, if I created a drawing at 1/4" scale and decided later that I wanted it to be 1/8"... Is it possible to have a script that would allow me to scale all lineweights by a factor of 0.5 so that the lineweight aren't twice as thick as they should be?

Maybe this is more easily done through Classes? Could it be possible to have a script scale each Classes' lineweight up or down by a factor that I specify?

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I have the following script/command which scales the lineweights of all selected objects. if you want to use classes you need to somehow let vectorscript know which class to search for as well as the scale factor. I like the following because a simple predefined dialog is all thats needed.

PROCEDURE Lineweight;









factor:=RealDialog('Enter Scale Factor','.5');


While h<> NIL DO BEGIN








i hope this is helpful.


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Very interesting and great, Nemetschek could supply it to the existing Scale Tool in the application.

We could have different options:

1/ scale the selected object(s) or not ( in X, Y, and maybe Z direction )

2/ scale the text or not

3/ scale the line-weight or not

4/ scale the whole document or not


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I agree that we could all benefit from Nemetschek including those options within the "scale objects" command and scale tool. More importantly to me, though, is if they would add the scale lineweights option to the layer scale window. Often I find myself drawing something and later changing it's layer's scale.


[ 02-13-2003, 03:18 PM: Message edited by: Dan Kessler ]

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You're right, why not integrate systematically all the good scripts in the different tools, menu, ... whatever.

VW is an application where each user can draw from different approaches because we have different habitudes.

VW is multi-platform and could be more multi-habitudes.

The nice thing in being human is that we are alle different !


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