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Wanted: Vectorscript Command for Plugin Objects

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Vectorscript should have some means to determine which parameter of a plug-in object has been last modified by the user.

Imagine a plugin with interdependent parameters. For instance: Top - Bottom - Height. Currently this makes no sense. Only two of them can accept user input and the third is calculated by the script.

If the script can retrieve which one was last modified, all three can accept user input. For instance:

If LastChange(Top) then recalculate Height

If LastChange(Bottom) then recalculate Height

If LastChange(Height) then recalculate Top


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First you'll need to find the Plug-in Object's handle (PIOHandle). Then use SetRField.

Note that the parameter value must be passed as a String, even if it's a Real or Integer parameter (note the Num2Str() I used).

IF GetCustomObjectInfo(PIOName, PIOHandle, recordHand, wallHand) THEN BEGIN


SetRField(PIOHandle,Getname(recordHand),'parametername', Num2Str(8,RealNumberParameter));



Also beware that the Pparametername is a sort of constant that will remain the same until the user changes something at the OIP. So if you change a parameter using this procedure and you need to use the updated value, you'd better use some variable to store it or you'll have to use GetRField.


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