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When I use the Vectorscript editor included in Vectorworks it often freezes, and won't allow any more input until I exit it and then reopen it. Does anyone else have this problem?Is there anyway to fix it? I'm using OS X which might be part of the problem, but I'm not sure.

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Yes, I see the same behavior. You start typing a line of script only to realize nothing was actually done. It just stops randomly. very annoying. MAC OX VW9.5.2

Also I'd like to know if and when the script editor window will be fixed or changed to remember the size you left it when you last closed it, rather then reverting back to its small unfriendly size.

I know you engineers at NNA are busy, but I remember, I believe it was Jeff Koppi replying on the VS list that the resize issue would be addressed well over a year ago. Is that such a big issue to fix or change? Can we see this change sometime soon, I think we've been more than patient.

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If you hit the test compile button and there is a script error, then after you dismiss the error dialog you will be able to type a few more characters but then it freezes up. Is this the same situation you see, or is it really random? I think we've fixed this bug.

Fuge, we did add the feature to the editor window so that it remembers its size and location. It will ship with the next major version of VectorWorks.

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Jeff, thanks for resize window feature.

The Script Editor does seem to only act funny after hitting the compile button, but it is still random even if my script produces no errors. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it stops taking input after a few characters sometimes after many characters.

I notice copy and paste also breaks when this happens.


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