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Duplicate Symbol Definition

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I would like to make a copy of a Symbol Definition, in order to modify it later creating a variation of the original one...

I can create a new symbol and inside it convert to group and ungroup an instance of the original one.

This sort of works, but it's not very elegant and, unless I add some code, it won't do for 2D/3D Symbols:

CopySymbol won't help because it must bring the SD from another document. Any better ideas?


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Not sure exactly how your doing your routine,but what I would try is this: Not pretty and may vary slightly, and not tested, but I don't think there's many choices here. - Good Luck!

1. Make sure your in Top/Plan2. Insert the symbol you want to copy into your page.3. Enter Edit Symbol4. Copy the 2d part of the symbol5. Exit Symbol6. Delete the symbol off the page7. Paste in place onto the page8. Create a new Symbol9. Delete your new symbol off the page10. Insert the original symbol back on the page.11. Enter Top view12. Enter Edit Symbol13. Copy the 3d part of the symbol14. Exit Symbol15. Delete the symbol off the page16. Insert the new symbol back into my page.17. Enter Edit Symbol for my new symbol again18. Paste in place the copied 3d part from the original symbol19. Exit the symbol.

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In sketchup there is a "Make Unique" command in the context menu when you select a symbol, it works great for just what you are talking about.

I'm working on making a similar menu command for Vectorworks. It's in python. I've added as a gist here if anyone's interested.


BTW, why don't plugin's work as contextual menus?

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Don't overcomplicate things.

The following is adapted from my history of the Vectorscript mail list and the notes on CreateDuplicateObject from developer.vectorworks.net. Make sure you read Charles' note at the bottom of the entry.

Thanks to Charles Chandler, Julian Carr and Gerard Jonkers.

Procedure Test;

var	H1,H2: Handle;

If H2 <> Nil then SetName(H2,'Duplicate Symbol');


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