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Procedure braces


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Hi everyone I've been reading your board for a while and decided to become a neebie.I'm trying to learn the language so we learn by example. Can anyone tell me why this procedure does not work. I copied it off a site that was reccomended.

procedure braces;VAR x,y,x1,y1,x2,y2:REAL; ymid,xmid,temp:REAL;BEGIN

Getrect(x1,y1,x2,y2); {get the box} GetMouse(x,y); {will use this to determine which way the boxwas drawn} ymid:=(y1+y2)/2; xmid:=(x1+x2)/2; if xymid then begin {box drawn bottom to top} temp:=y1; y1:=y2; y2:=temp; end; if (abs(y2-y1)>abs(x2-x1)) then begin {box drawn taller thanwide} beginpoly; moveto(x1,y1); curveto(xmid,y1); curveto(xmid,ymid); lineto(x2,ymid); curveto(xmid,ymid); curveto(xmid,y2); lineto(x1,y2); endpoly; end else begin {box drawn wider than tall} beginpoly; moveto(x1,y1); curveto(x1,ymid); curveto(xmid,ymid); lineto(xmid,y2); curveto(xmid,ymid); curveto(x2,ymid); lineto(x2,y1); endpoly; end; redrawall;END;


This is what I copied,so it my be garbled.Thanks for your help.MKMAY frown.gif" border="0

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No, No!!! Don't take it out. Add a little more. It looks like some code came up missing, but enough was there to recreate it. Try this. When you really get motivated, this piece of code would make a nice PIO (Plug In Object).

procedure braces;VAR x, y, x1, y1, x2, y2 :REAL; ymid, xmid, temp :REAL;BEGIN Getrect(x1, y1, x2, y2); {get the box} GetMouse(x, y); {will use this to determine which way the box was drawn} ymid := (y1+y2)/2; xmid := (x1+x2)/2;

{ I played with the code here. XYMID was undefined, that is where the garbling occurred. }{ Change the "<" to ">" in the next 2 if's and the braces will draw the other way. }

if (y < ymid) then begin {box drawn top to bottom} temp := y1; y1 := y2; y2 := temp; end; if (x < xmid) then begin {box drawn right to left} temp := x1; x1 := x2; x2 := temp; end;

if (abs(y2-y1) > abs(x2-x1)) then begin {box drawn taller than wide} beginpoly; moveto(x1, y1); curveto(xmid, y1); curveto(xmid, ymid); lineto(x2, ymid); curveto(xmid, ymid); curveto(xmid, y2); lineto(x1, y2); endpoly; end else begin {box drawn wider than tall} beginpoly; moveto(x1, y1); curveto(x1, ymid); curveto(xmid, ymid); lineto(xmid, y2); curveto(xmid, ymid); curveto(x2, ymid); lineto(x2, y1); endpoly; end; redrawall;END;run(braces);

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