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Changing Popup Values in a PIO

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In my PIO, I have two Popups. I want to change - ie provide a new list of values - in the second Popup as a result of the selection of a value in the first Popup.

Specifically, the first Popup contains the manufacturer: Marvin, Andersen, Pella. In the second popup, I want to provide the standard casement sizes.

I am using SetRField, but it seems to only add one value. If I can add multiple values, I can start with an empty value list and customize on the fly. Is there a way to index these values?


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I don't think there's a way of doing that within a PIO. It would be nice to do. If it can be done it would be done with an array somehow. Again having someone from NNA step in and clarify or give us an example would be nice.


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From my experience, there is no way to permanently modify pio popups from VS. I have been able to can add items to the end of the list, but these don't stay.

Could be that some future version of VW/VS has this, but not today.

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