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Trouble Calling the Text Tool

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My VERY casual testing confirms this...

Could be, that while in one tool, another tool cannot be called. This may be an effect of non-reentrant limitations of the VS compiler--i.e. that you can't stop one piece of compiled code, execute another, (the text tool), and then pick up executing where you left off in the first piece... but I can't say for sure. : )

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Well I can't get it to work as expected either. I suppose this is why all of our products use dialog boxes to enter text and then just create the text box with something like...

BeginText;'VectorScript created text object'EndText;

I suspect it is a fundamental limitation of VectorScript at this time, but it may be possible to do with the C++ SDK.

It looks to me that CallTool() is not waiting for the text system to finish with the text box and is exiting immediately. I'll put this in as a bug and see if I can get a more official explanation.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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