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Let's say I have a LinearObject PIO that's printing white elements (PenFore), since I'm using a black background. The PIO can be reshaped, moved, rotated, or otherwise modified, and still prints correctly (white pen on black background). At some point when I'm drafting, such modifications to this PIO (and all my other ones) will cause it to switch to a black pen.I use my SetPrefInt(16) to FALSE via a menu item, so I get a white background. The incorrect PIO is now white pen against the white background; this makes sense enough. Then I enter the 'Create Plug-in...' dialogue, click 'Done', and all the PIO's are re-executed. The PIO corrects itself, using black pen against the white background. I use my SetPrefInt(16,TRUE) menu item, and the PIO is white pen again.

Now: if modification (rotation, etc.) to this PIO caused it to write with a black pen (the background is black now, remember), I wouldn't be all that surprised. However, this is not the case. Re-execution of the PIO script due to moving, rotation, parameter-changing, etc. does not cause the pen white/black flip. Not until a little while later, maybe 20 or so commands down the road.

I've tried my PIO with and without a check to see what the GetPrefInt(16) value is -- and compensate for it -- but this has yielded no solution. I'd like to think that there is something I'm doing wrong, instead the result of a VectorScript bug.

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