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Hello Matthew,

Thank you very much for your message. On 15 april 2002 I lost my job at the company I worked for as a system-administrator / programmer (for economic reasons). Up until then I was allowed to use VectorWorks in my free time to write scripts. But now I do no longer work there, I cannot use their licence any longer (which is normal). Because I still have a lot of work, I like to buy a VectorWorks licence myself. But I like to wait until VW X comes out because it will make use of the second dual processor.

Therefore I will wait until VW 10 will comes out. I think it shouldn't be long now.

In the meantime I thank you very much for your message and I wish you a very nice day.

Friendly greetings,


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I'm sorry to hear that, please let me know if you don't get the email I sent to you driectly.

As for the other bit...

Well, the current version of VectorWorks will run as a native OS X app, but Dual processor support is not currently planned for version 10.

At the moment, VectorWorks would require a lot of rewriting to support threads and utilize the second CPU. If anything, we might be able to make RenderWorks dual processor aware.

That's not to say that VectorWorks would not benefit from a dual processor machine in general. OS X has a lot of overhead, and that currently is offloaded to the second CPU.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

[ 05-29-2002: Message edited by: Matthew Giampapa ]

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Stargate, You should be a "have gun will travel" in the new world of the ether. Seriously, we have corresponded in the past regarding scripting, if we could communicate the application need and you could fill the need, why could you not be the V'works HITMAN as I am the engineer for others when they can't meet the deadline with their own forces. A'cad has everyone buffoled, not sure about that spelling, even dutch/deutsch, anyway, am suggesting that your talents can expand the V'works users horizons and apps-so you're over there somewhere, I'll pay you to help develop whatever, yankee money or wampum, I need with V'works rather than having to resort to A'cad LT .


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Hello Richard,

Thank you very much for your message. I appreciate that support and help very much.

Indeed I have plans for extending my VectorWorks programming horizon. I first used MiniPascal in version 4.0 of Minicad. During the years I gained a lot of VectorScript experience. My last project was to calculate the price of massive wooden houses based on the preluminary designs. Such projects are very interesting because there is a lot of creativity needed. Despite the fact that there are a lot of programs on the market which make price calculations, I think there is a need for exclusive programs designed to the customer specific needs. In my last project, the designers drawed their designs and while they where drawing the price calculation already started. In the end they have to choose "Transport" and all object dimensions together with their classes and records are exported outside VectorWorks to be processed by the price calculation program. Many people still work by measuring manually the rooms and other objects and input that information in a spreadsheet like Excel. I believe that a designer or an architect can make better use of her/his time. Therefore I am still constantly search how to improve my own solution without spending a hugh amount of money on third party solutions.

And indeed VectorWorks is on this point much better than AutoCad or others. I am sure that some people will disagree with me, but I saw experienced AutoCad users struggle and wondering why on Earth their application was not working.

And programming is not that much difficult that it is important. And believe me, helping people is my nature. It is nice when you are desperate searching for a solution you do not find, that someone helps you out. And do not worry I will continue to help people.

And indeed when I can do custom programming, I will be surely interested. I like to buy VectorWorks myself so I can work here at my home. The internet is indeed a very interesting place to do such tasks. So as you said, we will see what the future will brings us.

Richard, I have to go now. I thank you very much for your interesting message. I wish you a very nice day and many VectorWorks pleasure. And you know, when you need help you know where to find me.

With friendly greetings,


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