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Script Errors / 9.5.1


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This is one of atleast a few...

we've just installed 9.5.1, we're using standard workspace. But! a few tools such as " line into segments " tool still remains from our previous 8.5 version. I'm told by tech-support the script doesn't exist for that tool anymore. Here is the result of clicking on that tool....

line#27: i, nSegs, TVal, Type : INTEGER;

( error: Expected a new variable name)

line#28: h, obfectH : HANDLE;

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Maybe I can help you with the error on line 27. From VectorWorks 9.5.1 the word "type" is a reserved keyword. You can easily fix that problem by putting int before type on every occasion. So change the word "Type" into intType and I think your problem will be solved.

About line 28, I think the problem is a result of line 27. I think when you changed all Type variable occurances, that error will also disappear. If not, also place hnd (of handle before the variable.

In case my solution does not work, you can always send me your code (if you want to) and I will take a look at it. You can contact me here or on my email address mentioned below.

I have to go now. I wish you a very nice day and very much VectorScript pleasure.

Friendly greetings,

StarGateemail : kristiaan.verberne@skynet.be

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