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A little help starting...

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I have been trying to understand and begin some rudementary VectorScripting. I am trying to change data associated to a symbol. I have found the two following commands and have gotten the first one to work. I can't figure out the handle thing, I thought it was the 'GetHandle' command, but found it was obsolete. Any guidance???


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Hi Jeff,

Handles are special data structures that serve as unique identifiers to objects in a VW file.

This is a bit tricky, but have a look:First I define a new function called SetMyInfo, then I ask VW to apply it to each drawing object that complies w. the criteria (S='...'). This is a special procedure (FEO-ForEachObject) that passes a handle to SetMyInfo.

{*}Procedure SetTest; {---}Procedure SetMyInfo(ObjHandle:HANDLE);{---}BEGIN{---}SetRField(ObjHandle,'TitleBlockInfo','DrawingDescription','ProdLayout'); {---}END;{*}BEGIN{*}ForEachObject(SetMyInfo,(S='TitleBlock'));{*}END;Run(SetTest);

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I used the {*} and {---} to highlight the different parts of the script, as there is no TAB indentation available on this web-based board, you can remove them!

Things between { } are 'comments' with no influence on the code.

About the procedure difinition structure:

Procedure MainProgram;{Declare your variables}VARX: REAL; {example}(...)

{Define your subroutine here}Procedure MySubProcedure;VAR(...)BEGIN(...)END;

{start your Main Procedure here}BEGIN (...) {your main program here}END;

Run (MainProgram);

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Thank you.

Your right it is a bit confusing, but I will try read a bit about each procedure in the manuals and try to figure it out.

If anyone would like to start me with a little explanation about the structure (i.e. procedures, {*} symbols, loops, etc) in this example, it would be welcome.

Thanks again.


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