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Vectorscript Editor for VW8.5.2

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Can anyone tell me if a Vectorscript Editor is available for use on scripts in Vectorworks 8.5.2. Files ending .vso .vss .vst .vsm.

I want to edit class names within Parametric objects etc but can't open scripts exceeding 32k in Vectorworks.

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The vectorscript Editor is part of Vectorworks 8.5, however as your seeing it can only handlea script up to 32k in size on Mac. You would also need to edit plug-ins throught the "Create Plug-in..." menu.

Find a friend with Vectorworks 8.5 on windows. VectorWorks 8.5 on windows can edit vectorscripts up to 64k.

Vectorworks 9.x no longer has this vectorscript size limitation on either platform.An upgrade may be your best bet.


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I agree with Dave except on one thing. There is still a Vectorscript limit of 32 K when creating scripts in the VectorScript editor (scripts who run inside the document itself, ie in a script pallet). I have to warn you that there is a bug in VectorScript editor 9.0.1 which let you work on above those 32K, so it seems there is no limit. However once you close the VectorScript editor you will find out that you loosed the code which exceeds those 32 K limit. So be warned about this because I experienced the nasty results itself.

But there is another way. Use Plug In Objects (PIO) which do not have that limit. You can use the PIO in the Organise menu and choose Create Plug In. You will see that you use the same VectorScript editor but this time without the 32 K limit. You can access your PIO by adding it to your work environment. Once you are accustomed with this, it is very easy. And one big advantage, your PIO's can be accessed in every VectorWorks document.

Have a nice day.


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