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parameter bug?

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When I add a parameter (any parameter) to this custom tool plug-in it stops working...

Note it calls for the creation of a PIO, and as a parameter is created for the tool, the PIO stops being created.

I've tried to add a getclass-setclass PIO reset but it didn't work.


---axis-line.vst:Procedure AxisLine;VAR h, m, Waldo: HANDLE; px,py: REAL;BEGIN PushAttrs; NameClass('axis'); PenColorbyClass; LSbyClass; LWbyClass; Locus(0,0); Waldo:=Lnewobj; CallTool(-201); {line tool} h:= nextobj(waldo); delobject(waldo); Get2DPt(h,2, px,py); {line's second point} PopAttrs; m:=CreateCustomObject('axis-label',px,py,#0d);END; {create an instance of PIO 'axis-label' }Run(AxisLine);---axis-label.vso:Procedure AxisLabel;BEGIN PenColorbyClass; Arc(-0.125,0.125,0.125,-0.125,#360d,#360d);END;Run(AxisLabel);---(VW 9.5 on a mac)

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