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Clipped object causes crash?

JB Campbell

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I have a script for creating panels that is giving me some difficulty. One portion of the script is used to create a panel with a hole but it cause the VW8.5 to crash when I invoke this option. Does anyone have any insights here? The block of the script that I is used for this is included below.If more of the script is needed please let me know, I'll be glad to email the full script. http://www.nemetschek.net/ubb/images/icons/confused.gif

{Object Creation Code}

NameClass('None');BeginGroup;BeginXtrd(0",9/16");ClosePoly;PenSize(7);PenFore(0,0,0);PenBack(65535,65535,65535);FillFore(0,0,0);FillBack(65535,65535,65535);BeginPoly; MoveTo(0",3'10"); LineTo(0",0"); LineTo(1'11",0"); LineTo(1'11",3'10");EndPoly;EndXtrd;ResetOrientation3D;Rotate3D(#90? 0' 0" ,#0? 0' 0" ,#0? 0' 0" );Move3D(0",0",0");NameClass('plex/clear');BeginXtrd(3/32",15/32");FillPat(0);Rect(1",3'9",1'10",1");EndXtrd;ResetOrientation3D;Rotate3D(#90? 0' 0" ,#0? 0' 0" ,#0? 0' 0" );Move3D(0",0",0");EndGroup;Record(LNewObj,'Record ID');Field(LNewObj,'Record ID','Module #','0');Field(LNewObj,'Record ID','#','1');Field(LNewObj,'Record ID','Part','CK-PPW23-46');Field(LNewObj,'Record ID','Description','46" Flat Panel 23"');Field(LNewObj,'Record ID','Finish','SS');Field(LNewObj,'Record ID','Button','NB');Field(LNewObj,'Record ID','Each','155.00');Field(LNewObj,'Record ID','Price','155.00');SetView(#-90? 0' 0" ,#0? 0' 0" ,#0? 0' 0" ,0",0",0");SetZVals(0",0");

Thanks JB Campbell

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Thanks for the quick response.

The object is to represent a panel with a plexiglass insert. The script seems to create the object ok but VW crashes after a couple of subsequent actions, doesn't seem to matter what those actions are. So I thought that something in the creation was perhaps left unresolved.I will email a copy of the script seperatly.

JB Campbell

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