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Automated Worksheet Export Procedure


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Hi, i'm trying to create a script that will update a selected worksheet automaticly then export it,I know it should be a quite simple procedure, but i don't know anything about Pascal Scripting/Vectorscript,

when trying to use the DoMenuTextByName('Export Worksheet',0);i then get a message that no worksheet is active., so i tried to insert another DoMenuTextByName that would go select the worksheet via the Window Menu.. but doesn't seems to work.DoMenuTextByName('Document Windows','Worksheets',0);(it's probably a bad way to writh the path, or that since it's a variable menu with the doc name changing...)

I then tried to use the SelectSS(h:'export'); command, but i can't figure out how to define/set the handler.

Is it also possible to have the worksheet exporting in tab format automaticly,Just being prompted for the location where i want to save it?

If anyone is willing to write that simple code for me, and explain me a little what procedure i should have used, i'd really appreciate it, the name of the worksheet i want to export will never change, it's called 'export'(without the ' ). using 8.5.2...

Thanks in advance, and excuse me for any mistakes, english is not my 1st language...


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This should do what you want. Keep in mind that this script will work in VW8.5 but would need to be slightly changed for VW9.Dave---------------------------------------------PROCEDURE WSexport;LABEL 99;CONST WksName = 'export'; {The Worksheets name}VAR WksH : HANDLE; BEGIN

WksH := Getobject ( WksName );{Checks if the worksheet exists by name} IF WksH = NIL THEN BEGIN Sysbeep; AlrtDialog ( 'The export worksheet does not exist in this document!' ); GOTO 99; END; SelectSS ( WksH ); DoMenuText ( 'WSRecalculate' ); DoMenuTextByName ( 'Export Worksheet' , 0 ); 99 : END;RUN ( WSexport );

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