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layer options palette (or how to make a tool that isn't )

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If I get it right, VectorWorks plug-in architecture is so that if you make a script that doesn't need user interaction you should call it "a command" and put it in a menu.

Real "tools" as well as PIOs need some clicking and shall be put on palettes...

Now, I wish I could put some layer options switching commands on a palette (I have even designed some very nifty icons representing "gray others", "show/snap others" and all that stuff).

Is there something I can do? a way to make a tool be clicked and go away?

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I have created layer control tools and placed them in a palette. The script must include a mouse action such as getpt or getline after activating the tool. the tools that I have created thus far are ActiveLayerVisible, ActiveLayerInvisible, and NewLayer. The first two tools are very handy when scrolling through a stack of 50 or so layers to set visibility. cool.gif" border="0

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