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Accessing Plug In Object Parameters


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Does anyone know of the syntax neccesary to access the parameters of a plug in object and use them as variables in Vector Script.

Specificly, I would like to access (both read and write into variables) the parameter fields in the "Lighting Device" object in VWSpotlight.

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Jason,

***to read parameters:

FUNCTION GetRField ( h :HANDLE; record :STRING; field :STRING ) :DYNARRAY[] of CHAR ;

Description:Returns string description of a value in the specified record field.

Parameters:h: Handle to object. record: Name of record format. field: Name of field to be queried.

Result:Returns the field value as a variable length string.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++To set parameters use

PROCEDURE SetRField ( h :HANDLE; record :STRING; field :STRING; value :DYNARRAY[] of CHAR ) ;

Let me know if you have any problem with this and i'll send you a example.

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Jason Miller asked:... Am I able to access the parameters within this object without getting the variable names inside the script of the plug in object?

Yes you are able to do this. Here is a example:

Insert a Simple 'Window Object 2' into your drawing and run the attached Script.I assume you use VW 9? If not then tell me and i'll modify the script to work on a VW 8's PIO.

Kind Regards,Hannes*********************************************Procedure ChangeParameter;{Example which gets and sets the Width parameter of aselected Simple Window 2.}


Beginh:=FSactLayer; {<<<handle to the Pluginobject}

Parametervalue:=GetRField(h, 'Simple Window 2', 'Width'); {<<<get the width parameter. note thatyou have to use the native parametername, not the alternate. In this example: the Width parameter is shownin the Objectinfo as 'Unit Width' but the real parametername is 'width'. (look into the Plugin's Properties to find the proper names}

AlrtDialog(Concat('the width of the simple Window is: ',parametervalue));

NewParametervalue:=StrDialog('Set new width: ',Parametervalue);

SetRField(h, 'Simple Window 2', 'Width', NewParametervalue);{<<<set the new value}

SetClass(h,Getclass(h)); {<<<this is necessary to redraw the object after changing the parameter value}



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