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Hello Script masters, maybe you can help me. Door/windows records and schedules: when new users start using these features, they do all kind of mistakes. They accidentally click with the ID tool on objects close to the door plug in instead of the door itself, or they don't ID doors not supposed to be on the schedule yet they leave the On schedule button on, etc.

Result is a schedule with empty rows with just the ID number or rows without ID but with door record info such as size. I cannot eliminate manually these rows, (the schedule won't allow me), so I look for these objects and I use the custom selection tool for object with door record attached. It sometimes works but it won't select doors/plug-ins that are inserted in walls.

I need the capability to look throughout every layer and class, no matter if they are off, and search for these 2 conditions: doors plug ins that have a door record attached but no ID, and objects with a door ID (and therefore now an empty door record)but that are not doors plug ins. On big floor plans, the search for these "ghosts" is taking hours, and sometimes I have to delete portion of the plans and check the schedule to find out in which area the "ghost" objects are hiding. People hate this scheduling system.Any script would do this? Thank you very much for any support.

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Try using "Custom Selection..." or "Custom Visibility" to search for and select or show the objects that meet the criteria of empty "ID number" fields.

You can do the same for finding objects that have door ID's but are not door objects.

"Custom Selection" and "Custom Visiblity" willwrite the the vectorscript for you based uponthe criteria you choose.

You could then modify the find objects with door ID attached script and have it remove that record by adding Delrecord(); command.


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