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Attaching record fields to symbols

Marc Pitman

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I tried following the sample makeattachrec.vss, (www.nemetschek.net/support/custom/vscript/example.html "Attach Record to Object") to attach and assign record fields to a symbol. The record and fields were created but nothing is assigned to the fields besides the default info. I then tried running the example script with its associated drawing and the same thing occured.I'm using VWA/L with Win 98se.

Is there something I'm missing with this example?

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I took a peak at that example.What your missing is the placedsymbol's name must be "Deciduous Tree"or "Conifer Tree" or the field information is not set.

You can remove the IF (GetSymName(h) =""from the script and then it will work on any placed symbol. You can also remove the Gettype(H) function and the record will be attached and set to anything selected.

HTH Fuge

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