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starting out with V-Script

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Can anyone tell me a good place to start learning Vectorscript? I do not have a programming background, and Nemetschek's book for 8.5 assumes that you do.

I need to learn how to create dialog boxes, then retrieve the info from those boxes and use them to draw rectangles, then enter their height and width in a spreadsheet.

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I wish I had an easy answer for this one.

I am not a programmer, so I can tell you it can be learned. The best advise I can give

is to look at what examples there are with VW 8.5. VectorScript is an off shoot of pascal

so a book on pascal is a good start because there are no books to my knowlegde on Vectorscript.

Your best bet is trial and error and

and posting to the VS list server.

Just know if you buy VectorWorks 9 there are NO examples of scripts that are unlocked, so

things are not easy to learn from.

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I do a lot of VectorScript programming so maybe I can help you.

In case you need help, feel free to contact me. You can reach me on my email address mentioned below or here on the message board.

Also you can buy books about Pascal programming but in my opinion VectorScript is very different. And most times you have difficulty with VectorScript commands who are specific to VectorWorks. However a beginner book about Pascal can help to give you a general idea. But in the end there is only one way to succeed, doing it yourself and keep trying. Search for workarounds for problems you cannot solve directly. BE CREATIVE !!!

Wish you a nice day and many success with VectorScript.

Friendly greetings,



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